Garden Renovation

When I moved into my house it had very pretty gardens.

But this is my first house – I had no idea what I was doing.

Within a year I had murdered it all. GREAT JOB, IDIOT.

I mean yeah, winter was partly to blame, but it was ugly. I had no evergreen stuff so the house looked bare and grody.

At some point it looked so bad that a wandering homeless man or a murderer rang my doorbell and offered to do some yard work for me for an exhorbitant price. Happily I agreed. 💸

Together we tore everything out of the side yard.

That large tree you see in the first pic was a super spiky and terrible holly that poked me relentlessly every time I tried to use the side door. It was also home to a hive of large 🐝 s that were generally nice, but also just a nucience. So I was very happy to see it go.

It was pretty quick after that to get the side yard into shape!

This was kind of in the fall. At this point I turned my attention to the grass, which needs its own whole page.

But by early spring I was ready to tackle the front.

I did some recon and looked at gardens I liked. I took photos like a creep, and noticed that I like well structured, almost symmetrical layouts. I like gardens that are neat and tidy, with a dash of organic shape.

Next I did some high res renderings:

I definitely wanted a backdrop of evergreens so that it would still look good in winter.

I decided id like small raised beds in the front as well.

I began by clearing The whole dang thing.

Next I made the walls. This is was HARD. 7″ trench, 4″ of paver base, 1″ of sand, and 3 layers of these bricks, glued together with mortar glue.

After two weekends that was done and I dropped a cool mil on some more high quality CGI renderings (thanks Pixar!)

With my moms help I got up the courage to buy my first two plants, and then from there I went nuts.

Honestly it all went really fast once I was planting.

I did have to make sure the things that I planted would have enough room to grow, so even though they may look a little sparse now they will grow in..

Looks pretty close to how I imagined ☺️

I added some hanging plants to bring the green upwards.

I also added some lights for nighttime! Very inexpensive at Costco.

This also got me excited to work on the porch, so I could sit outside and enjoy my gardens.

I am very happy with my progress thus far.

Next goal will be to extend a single-brick-high border from the side of the house along the front of the garden and sidewalk, creating a new bed to plant in, and to plant at least one tree.


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