“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet”

I am counting on my camera to add life to my game. I have already done a really fun little demo where all you do is fly around while the camera tries to keep track of you. It gives you that feeling of being unpredictable, of having to be chased by the reporter covering the story of, well, you. It’s a lot of fun actually, and you don’t even do anything. But there are issues.

I implemented that camera with a framing system. You get out of a certain bounding box, and it tries to get you back in to it, x and y simultaneously, and with an acceleration factor in effect. If the character changes direction quickly, the camera can sometimes lose him/her while it tries to change direction, fighting against it’s own opposing accelerating force. The problem is this: once the camera catches up to the character it begins slowing down. If the character maintains its speed, they will soon be back out of the bounding box and the camera will speed up. This causes a nasty jerking effect when the character maintains high speed.

Here’s a sample of the test camera I did. Note that it is MUCH smoother on my PC. The video recording software doesn’t seem to be that great.

I thought I had an idea of how to fix this… but after writing this I’m not sure. I’ll report back later.


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