Game Idea

I had some ideas to do something centered around a fat little astronaut who’s ship is malfunctioning. The gravity in the ship can go on and off, or partially on, or on too strong, or reverse, or change orientation, I think it could be a fun mechanic. When the gravity is off he’d have to shoot his gun to move backwards, different guns would move him in different ways, and he’d have to be careful not to hit something and crack his space helmet. He’d also have to be careful not to destroy vital parts of the ship.

The ship could take him to different planets with other weird properties like bouncy ground or quicksand or whatever. Maybe flipped controls in a black hole or something. Haha, I could do something with randomly remapping the controls at some point.

I could either split it up in to levels or make it a free exploring type of thing. I think I’m partial to short levels because then you can make it really hard and fast paced, which gives it that addictive quality like Super Meat Boy. But I’m not sure if the gravity mechanic lends itself to fast paced play – maybe not. We’ll see.

Just ideas for now. I’ve also drawn a few sketches and started working on a sprite-batch. I think I made him too fat to animate though. I’ll upload the sprite I made later.


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